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Where can the web go

It is interesting to see that Google’s Go Lang and web programming languages are used for more important stuff. I stumbled onto some of code from SpaceX on Github. They are using go web assembly for their iis-simulator. Seems they are also using web components for a lot of their other interfaces too.

Web browsers are sand boxed and they do not provide a lot of features and access to many parts of the operating system. Looking at projects like Discord, visual studio code and lots more, everyone is following the route of wrapping their web applications in their own browsers and wrappers. Through this they gain more access to operating system features by utilizing technology such as electron and nodejs.

But are these technologies memory friendly and future proof? Consider how many times software stacks has changed. These technologies sounds beginner friendly, but are they really the route we want to go?

I’m putting my money on web assembly and the future of compiled code in the web browsers. Rust is leading on that front with their memory safe approach. Go is also following suit and making great progress on that front. This makes it easier for the average programmer and makes the development and testing processes faster.

Taking my own experience into account, where I’ve written quite a few advanced as well as useless programs, in languages ranging from C++, Lua, Python,C#,PhP, Java, Clarion, Sql, Tcl to Delphi. And I have to say that I’m enjoying Go the most. It took some time to learn and to go with the Gopher.

I think despite all the changes, programmers are always going to follow the simplest route. Complex problems will be solved by the simplest languages.

See the link below for some insights on the 2020 Developer Survey on Stack Overflow

Time’s fun when you’re having flies

Time goes by so quickly, my last post was over two months ago. Last year…

Your day job can keep you busy, and as you sometimes become more complicit, the future seems bleak. The daily routine with the same program coding and problems can by nauseating. Slowly rotting away attracting flies. There’s no fun in that.

I realized that sometimes the simple things you do and how you do it, is what matters the most. And sometimes you just need to do something…

So, this year I want to make some changes on my websites. I’m thinking of thinking, of writing more about programming. Maybe, do a problem and solution topic thing. So far just ideas. But I want to put my knowledge on Coding, Linux, Servers and hacking out there for you.

You need new ideas to smack you against the head! Wake up and do something, even if you are busy, these idea can take you to a different mindset.

Programming is Philosophy

I came across this video and needed to shared it, as this guys describes programming like I see it. Only certain programmers has a view like this. I find what he said about hubris especially interesting. I don’t agree with every single thing his saying, but it makes you think…

A few of the quotes he mentioned hits home.

Common sense is not so common. – Voltaire