A much needed break

Since the beginning of the year I’ve noticed that I’m edgy and quick to get agitated. I started flaming out on people. It felt like I lost the drive in programming. I lost my will to live. I felt used.

Forward a couple of months. I took a break. We went on holiday for a week and I had time to clear my head. A few weeks before I completely stopped working after hours. My day job and after hours contract jobs started clashing. 13 Hours a day, 6 days a week really eats your time and energy.

With more free time started looking in doing different things. My idea was, by getting away from the computer, my inspiration and drive for programming will come back. Funny how things turned out though. I bought myself a Yamaha YZF450 dirt bike and started doing En-duro and off road trips. The adrenaline helped me get my mind off things.

Forward a month or two, I now own a Kawasaki KLR650 and I’m biking again. Can’t wait to do a proper weekend trip. I’m also doing 3D Printing now and we are cutting stickers and vinyl.

I’m only focused on my day job at the moment and the future of the company. Our development stacks seems to be fixed on Go-Lang, React and PostgreSQL. Interestingly with the changes and people leaving, things are better. I’m dealing with less back-end bugs and frustration.

We will see where my development journey leads. Money is not everything and time is precious.