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The schedule of nightmare street

Once a favour, twice the work

Every day short an hour

Slowly creeping in the dark

A schedule from a far.

Code spinning and mind crying

Designing however trying.

In the night whining

Of people defying.

The code grows

It’s all terrifying.

Spider Sense, creeping and crawling, no more ignoring

What lies deep under the covers

Hidden underneath

my ears burst with disbelief

I get these flicks of concern

A sense of lying at every turn

I listen and sometimes the words seem unreal

Then the face reveals

A smirk and eye roll goes

Silently waiting for a better sign

My intuition tells no lies

Sensing a demise

Karma’s debt of affliction

I had a compromise

Ever knowing and learning

Whatever in the future lies

A crawling surprise

The hard way of live

Today I realized the hardest thing is to say sorry. You must take responsibility when you are wrong or misguided. The only person who can fix things are you. Blame won’t work because in all matters, there are two parts, like the sides of a coin. It’s why I like the idea of Zing Zang.

For the most part you have to consider all sides. Try to see the other perspectives and maybe if you are lucky, things will start falling in place and life will feel more peaceful.

Life is hard. Ultimately you go on. You learn.