Harmony and Embracing

In the realm of Zen, where wisdom flows,
Life’s true essence, a secret it bestows.
See the world through a lens so clear,
Embrace the good, cast aside fear.

Amidst the chaos, find tranquil repose,
Seek the silver lining where beauty grows.
Ugly and mean, they’re but facets of whole,
Transform them with kindness, heal every soul.

Jealousy’s fire, a potent force to wield,
Harness its energy, let compassion be revealed.
Turn it to motivation, a spark for your dreams,
Build bridges of hope where the heart redeems.

In life’s vibrant tapestry, colors intertwine,
Threads of darkness with threads that shine.
Balance is key, in the dance of light and shade,
Embrace them both, the symphony’s serenade.

See the world’s wonders, big and small,
Appreciate the rise, accept the fall.
Through Zen’s gentle lens, perspective aligns,
The path of positivity forever shines.

So cherish each moment, each breath that you take,
Forge your own destiny, awaken, and wake.
Live with gratitude, embrace what you see,
In the tapestry of life, find your serenity.